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Mobile Apps Usage

Mobile Apps Usage

As a new member, you may need to fund your account before starting to send SMS. Click this to select your desired package and follow the instructions that follow. You may need to send us a mail if you are not living in Nigeria before you can fund your account with your card.

Compose and send your Bulk SMS on this page. Understanding the fields will help a lot:

  • Sender ID: Select your Sender ID here or click Home>> Sender ID to create a new one. Check the Sender ID FAQs to learn more about Sender ID.
  • To: Type your contacts here, separate each contact with a comma (,) and space or place each contact on top of the other. 0805xxxxxxxx, 0802xxxxxx ....
  • Select Template: This is optional and it is only applicable to those who have a particular message they send on a regular basis like those sending messages for weekly or monthly meetings in which they just need to change some things like Date, Location etc. To create a Template, click Home>> SMS Template. Read SMS Template FAQs for details. You can ignore it
  • Message: This is where you type your message. The first page is 160 Characters, other pages are 153 Characters each. You can send up 10 Pages per Message. 
  • Schedule: The Schedule is only applicable if you want your message to be delivered at a future define date. Click MM/DD/YYYY to select the date and select the Hour and Minute. Do NOT use Schedule if you want your message to be sent now.
  • To Wipe everything off and start again, click Reset. To send your message, click Send.

View all your saved contacts here. You can also choose to edit their name by clicking the Pencil Icon on theright-hand side of the device. This will also allow you to change the group the contact belongs to or edit the contact number. You can also tick to select the contacts and click the Send Icon on the top right of your device and send to them.

Select some or all your contacts and send SMS to them. enter * (Star) in the search box to view all your contacts and send SMS to desired contacts or click select all to send SMS to all of them. You can also search for the contact of a particular person by entering the first three letters of the name of the person in the search box.  

You can add a new group here, edit the existing group name, or delete any unwanted group name. You can also tick a group from here and send SMS to them.

The Schedule is only applicable if you want your message to be delivered at a future define date.Click MM/DD/YYYY to select the date and select the Hour and Minute. Do NOT use Schedule if you want your message to be sent now.

The Sender ID/Sender Name is your Bulk SMS Heading, unlike the conventional SMS which used to be the Sender's Phone Number, the Sender ID can either be Numeric (Phone Number) or Alphanumeric (Your Name or that of the organization you represent). Numeric Sender ID can be up to 14 Characters Long While the Alphanumeric can be up to 11 Characters long. SMS will not send if your Sender ID is longer than the stipulated specification. You can add, delete or view your Sender IDs here.

This is where you view your SMS History. It displays success for a successfully sent SMS and Failed for the SMS that could not be sent due to any of these reasons (Click the Arrow to see reasons why you SMS did not go, scroll down to API Response and interpret the code before the Phone Number as follows):

  • Insufficient Balance: 1015. Solution: Click Buy SMS to fund your account.
  • Invalid Sender ID: 1707. (Longer than 11 Characters). Solution: create a new one and use it to send your SMS
  • Do Not Disturb (DND): 1032. Solution: Obtain another number from that person or tell the person to opt out of DND by sending ALLOW to 2442 in a text message.


Are you the type that sends a particular message regularly to your club, church or association member.Instead of retyping this message each time you need to send them, this menu will allow you create one and always select it in the future, after selecting it in either here or in the Compose SMS page, you can edit its contents and send to them. See Compose SMS FAQs for more information

View all your payments, dates and status here.

Thank you for downloading your preferred Bulk SMS Mobile Apps, like the cliqsms portal, you can do a lot of interesting things with cliqsms mobile apps and more because the mobile apps interact with your mobile device in such an incredible and easy way that your pc cannot do. Whatever you do on the Mobile Apps, automatically synchronize to the website and vice versa. Below are some of what you can do with your mobile apps:

  • Compose SMS
  • Manage Sender IDs (Create, delete and view existing Sender IDs or Sender Names)
  • View SMS History
  • Buy SMS (Online Payment and Cash Payment Order enabled)
  • View your Transaction History (View when the transaction was made, either by cash or online payment method and see if it is successful or not)
  • Manage Group: You can add a new contacts group, edit or delete existing ones
  • Acces Device Contacts: These are the contacts saved to your phonebook on your device. The apps interact with your phonebook and help send SMS to some or all of them. This is particularly needed if your contacts are not readily available to copy and paste.
  • Manage Contact List: Help to add new contacts to an existing group, edit or delete existing ones
  • SMS Template: These are the messages saved for future use. Another name for SMS Template is Draft. You can create a new SMS Template using the cliqsms Mobile Application, edit or delete existing ones
  • You can also view schedule SMS with the Cliqsms Mobile Apps

Click Account after login and scroll down to Credits [Outbound]

The Remaining there is your balance


Bank Payment Details
We accept Bank Deposit, Internet Transfer, Mobile Money, & Paga.

A/C NAME Cliq Systems Solution
GTBank: 0220047596
First Bank: 2032286209

Pay with Bank Account Number without ATM Card (Supported Banks):

  • Access Bank
  • Diamond Bank
  • Fidelity Bank
  • First Bank
  • First City Monument Bank
  • GTBank
  • Sterling Bank
  • Zenith Bank
  • UBA
  • Unity Bank

Click Buy SMS after Login and select Online Payment as your mode of payment, then select Pay with Bank at the Pop Up.

Download Apps

All SMS are delivered with ONE UNIT to NIGERIA GSM Networks.
No hidden Cost/Charge!

1-9,500 2.50
10,000-99,500 2.40
100,000-999,900 2.30
1m & Above. Call  08098614130
For info about payment made through Paga, Baxibox and other Agents, click here. For info. on Recharge Cards Agents and SMS Units, click here

Our Coverage includes: USA, Canada, UK, Ghana, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Togo etc click here for details.